Usagi Yojimbo: Death by Fugu (#160) – Stan Sakai

4 out of 5

Always nice to see some light issue to issue consistency with Usagi.

Staying in the city currently housing Inspector Ishida to which our rabbit traveled last issue, Death by Fugu focuses on a short, brutal little murder mystery involving the seafood sushi maestro, Toto, also introduced last issue.  No, no, he wasn’t murdered, fear not, but it seems a local high ranking samurai partaking in his famed Fugu dish – a blowfish dish poisonous if not carefully prepared – has been, and the frame is on Toto.  Thankfully, Toto makes good food and is friendly, so that guarantees Usagi will stand up for him.  He and Ishida quickly navigate the mystery to the proper perpetrator, and another suddenly brutal conclusion, just like last issue, although this time much more in line with the proceeding story.

…And inadvertently funny, as this is immediately followed by a cute and silly Chibi Usagi story by Stan and Julie Sakai.

A terse one-and-done murder mystery from Sakai.