Uncommon Works (#1) – Various

2 out of 5

Yeah, it was the early 90s, and you’re starting up your own black and white comics imprint: Uncommon Works-style books were, eh, pretty common.  Which doesn’t mean there wasn’t talent in those types of examples, or that it wasn’t tough to get one going – and to the latter, the fact that you wouldn’t see many make it beyond #1 issues (I think this book is a case in point) is representative of that – but it also means you’d get a lot of fomenting and half-realized ideas and skills.  Generic hero books; generic fantasy books.

Uncommon Works mostly goes the fantasy route, with vampires and magic and swordplay, collecting five previews between its covers by various combinations of writers and artists (including Scott Chantler, which is why I procured this).  Visually, opener Twilight Dawn (artist Ed Northcott) has a notable sense of space and character, and Chantler on The Sword and The Sceptre displays, already, his skill with motion and paneling, but the other titles are a touch unpolished.  Storywise, ain’t nothing too distinctive, unfortunately, with none of the previews ending on particularly intriguing notes.

These kinds of things were often testing grounds for a small group of friends and associates; outside of that circle – unless, like me, you’re now tracking down work from a particular person – there’s not much of interest.