Trashy-Garbage & Garbagey-Trash: Ryan Browne’s Big Ole’ Sketchbook of Dumb Crap

5 out of 5

This independently produced, 5″ x 7″ lil’ softcover offers around 80 full-page b & w illustrations from the lovably bonkers Browne.  His fascinations are evident: character / form mash-ups (e.g. Black Panther’s torso sat minotaur-like on an actual panther); people shooting guns in contorted positions while saying something funny; owls being punched; animals being substituted as guns (e.g. a hilarious portrait of Punisher holding a miniature crocodile like a shotgun)… and you laugh it off while recognizing that this dude’s ‘sketches’ could fill a mainstream DC / Marvel book easily.  And while there are many repeated concepts throughout this collection, Browne brings exuberance and energy to each and every one.  So you pick up the book, think you’ll be content with a couple-page flipthrough, then end up going through the whole thing with a permanent smirk on your face.

Plus: back cover hjinks.

Plus plus: one legit, fully inked Batman / Clayface drawing.