The Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth (one-shot) – Rob Williams, Brian Clevinger

2 out of 5

It’s 2012, and Doc Ock, on his death bed, concocts some people-think-I’m-a-hero-but-secretly-I’m-still-a-mad-genius plan to launch some satellites that will destroy the Earth, something something.  The main reaction and fallout to this is taken care of in the pages of Amazing SM proper; the rest of the world gets summarized in a one-shot featuring international heroes like Union Jack and Big Hero 6… and Titanium Man, and Sabra, and Kangaroo II.

S-Man does some tasking and guides the ragtag group toward stopping satellite launches in their respective regions, with Rob Williams handling Union Jack and the others in part one, and Brian Clevinger writing Big Hero 6 in part two.  For the whole shebang, Thony Silas pencils, Victor Olazaba inks, and Wil Quintana colors.  Art-wise, the issue frankly isn’t very distinctive, but Silas zooms through a giant cast of characters and settings without things feeling rushed or over-stuffed.  While some of that’s certainly due to scripting, the art could’ve easily cluttered that up, and our team maintains readability and momentum throughout.  As to the writing, both Williams and Clevinger get some funny jabs in there, and some action, and some relative thrills, but there’s an inescapable disposable nature to this whole concoction – heroes make big efforts and fail a page at a time – that make it clear that nothing substantial is going to be accomplished.  And because so much has to happen in a single issue amount of space, the setting jumping around has no grounding; this all might as well happen in one backyard.

Everyone does quality work for a main series add-on, but it’s one of those books that reads more like a publication quotient than something that needed to exist.