Taco Bell / Invincible Iron Man (one-shot) – Brian Clevinger

4 out of 5

Clevinger and his Atomic Robo mate, Scott Wegener, at Marvel, and working on a character with his own robo suit to boot.  Cute.

In 2011, there were apparently some short comic freebies – 11 page features, 1 page bonus strips from Colleen Coover – given away at Taco Bell, and this here was one of them.  It’s basically a fight between Tony Stark and M.O.D.O.K., and obviously anything with MODOK gets an automatic nod of approval, so combined with Brian’s science-talk-lite, his and Scott’s honed sense of humor- and action-pacing, and Wegener’s generally boisterous art style, our 11 pages are a breezy, fun read.  Brian does the same ‘other things modok could stand for’ gag that has been committed umpteen million times, but he still manages to wring a lot of entertainment out of nary a few pages.