Street Angel: Super Hero for a Day GN – Jim Rugg, Brian Maruca

3 out of 5

Entertaining but definitely not worth the $20 HC treatment.  Image and Rugg and Maruca have tried to pack in some extras to justify things – character bios, a brief Street Angel publication history – but it still doesn’t come close to making what’s essentially an isolated gag strip worth a two digit price tag.

But the gag looks good, and it’s pretty funny as long as you’re not expecting anything.  (And to be fair, Street Angel has been built off of low-expectation gags…)  Essentially: SA, or Jesse, procures a Green Lantern-ish ring from a dying Green Lantern-ish alien, and immediately wishes to sell it to gets some food.  Instead, it bonds with one of the group of girls who’ve chosen to tag along for the day, turning her, suddenly, into… yeah, a Green Lanter-ish hero.  Can she help Jesse find some food, though?  She rolls her eyes and goes back to sleep.

There are some brief fun-pokes at super heroes, and Jesse is still left hungry.

I pretty much spoiled the whole story.

So: no, this is not a wonderful standalone intro to Street Angel, and it’s not worth the price point, and if I hadn’t suspected both of those things going in, I’d probably be angrier about it.  If you’re just venturing in, though, one of the other HCs is probably better, if not the AdHouse collection, which is great.