Street Angel Goes to Juvie – Brian Maruca, Jim Rugg

4 out of 5

Jesse Sanchez, a.k.a. Street Angel, the queen of completely over the top – and yet somehow completely incidental – stories.  A night of mad carousing (one of many) lands Jesse in jail, but – shhh – she’s undercover for some reason.  A meeting with her “lawyer” suggests that she’s there to orchestrate a breakout, which she promises will be tomorrow but then spends the next few days eating all of the food (the lunchlady has a heart attack due to the extra prep needed…), rocking her classroom work (c-a-t spelled), and tearing up during rec days’ viewings of Harriet the Spy.

A breakout does eventually happen, allowing Jim Rugg to go full splashpage for the sequence, but it’s just as incidental as everything else, ending with a hilarious last panel that’s pure Street Angel nonchalant badassness.

The way Maruca and Rugg roll us into this tale is brilliant; the escape sequence is maybe a bit cluttered, but I appreciate the way the story tries to take advantage of the oversized hardcover format by going from paneled to full page art for these sequences.