Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The New Republic Vol. 4 SC – Mike Baron

5 out of 5

Collecting the entirety of the Thrawn Trilogy.

The individual series have been reviewed and linked above.  The rating is for the collection, which, quite frankly, is quite a frikkin’ deal.  $40 may seem like a high price tag, but that’s collecting 3 trades of material – six issues each, which breaks down to less than $14 a set.  Since most arc collections range between $14-20, price-wise, this already looks pretty good.  But Marvel also did the reader right through the quality: soft, flippable, but sturdy, this is 400+ pages that reads easily, from cover-to-cover, and has stayed in good shape throughout my entire chuck-it-around-the-house read.  The binding allows for ample room to fully read / appreciate each page without cracking the spine, but can also be lain (relatively) flat once you’re a few issues into it (or prior to the end).

There’s a page with full creator credits, and page numbers; each cover is included, and they even tossed in the intros from each trade, as well as an afterword from Mike Baron from a previous set of the three books.

Absolutely a quality set, well worth the cover price.