SpongeBob Comics (#61 – 65) – Various

3 out of 5

Pretty average antics from most of the regular crew, though relying quite a bit on Jay Lender and Vince Deporter.  The two-part Mermaid Girl mystery stirs some interest, playing Sandy (who doesn’t get much face time in the comic) off of ‘Bob’s general aloofness, but it feels like they could’ve pushed the ending toward more ridiculousness and they did not.  A sore dearth of Marie Wicks and Drymon / Chabot prevents most strips from breaking any humor barriers, but as established, the majority of the SB Comics crew have all achieved this consistent level of, at the very least, entertainment, which is always executed with cartoonish exuberance and quality.  Meaning: not boring, but nothing too special this go ’round.