SpongeBob Comics (#49 – 54) – Various

4 out of 5

Hey, remember when we used to have pin-ups and, like, activity-type comics in SpongeBob?  When there were thoughts that this was maybe a kids’ comic?

Yeah, I don’t miss it either.  Here on the other side of 50 issues, we get a Halloween book (…okay, that’s issue 49) with a freakin’ Kelly Jones cover and partial Bissette interiors; issues chock-full of shorts that are fully engaged and not just punchline payoffs; meta out of the whazoo; and even a full-length tale – by Dave DeGrand in 52 – that’s laugh out loud worthy.

This is about the time I hopped on the ‘Bob wagon, and re-reading the issues, while it was the shock of some of the names involved that made me curious, I’m super happy to say that the quality is what kept me here, and persists.

Wrapping back around, though the names involved in the Halloween issue are super cool, it’s nonetheless a really humdrum issue, none of the bits really notably peaking.  Entertaining, yes, but easily bested by the five issues that followed.