Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special (#1) – Tom DeFalco, Tom Peyer

2 out of 5

You know what makes for a good parody comic?  When you take it seriously.

Ah, I kid.  Which just goes to show: comedy is tuff.

This one-shot of Peter Porker / Spider-Ham tales kicks off well enough with a ‘Swinester Six’ caper that’s as pun-heavy as expected and energized by excellent cartoon art from Jacob Chabot.  It’s silly, but satisfies the Spider-Ham oddity of giving us an anthromorphed Spider-Man variant with an extra dose of goofiness.

Then subtract Chabot for the stiff work of Adam DeKraker, subtract Porker and give us his daughter, Swiney-Girl, and then write a rather dry, semi-serious bit in which Swiney tries to prove herself to her dad.  Or maybe it’s not that it’s serious, and it’s just not funny?  Either way, it falls very, very flat.  And it’s two parts.

Inbetween, Tom Peyer and artist Agnes Garbowska give us a 4-page Watcher gag that has the hilariously dumb premise of What If’ing Spider-Ham into a human.  There isn’t enough space to give the joke its due, but it’s an okay distraction in the midst of humdrum.