Sinister Dexter: Life Is an Open Casket (pkgd. w/ JD Meg #379) – Dan Abnett

4 out of 5

Besides the questionable T&A cover (further questionable because it’s from a prog not even in this collection), Abnett gives us yet another fun pair of SinDex tales with good twists and action as the duo returns to Downlode.

First up is The Doctor Is In, Finny bringing Sinister to their usual Doc to check in on this whole quadriplegic deal.  While we’re expecting a way out – it’s clear at this point the duo will be back shootin’ soon enough – the way it’s effected is clever and feels about right, time-wise, waylaying Ramone just long enough to create some tension while Finny fends off Appelido’s approaching goons.  I also appreciate that Abnett kept Billy No Mates along for a bit, not just kicking him to the side once the prison arc was done.  Simon Coleby also really grows into the strip, showing off his gnarled style that would develop further down the road on Jaegir.

With Ramone patched up, the title strip can play out, which is a bit misleading.  It seems to be setting up a big Moses / SinDex / Apellido showdown and it is, just not yet.  Instead we get moving pieces: Post-surgery woes for Ramone, more police conspiracies, and a trio of superpowered assassins working for Apellido.  Anthony Williams’ art is rather bland and often too digital looking, but he stumbles across enough successful moments to make it work.  Abnett is really the chief, though, making all those moving pieces into an interesting whole, keeping us on the hook for what’s next.