Sidney Hammer versus the Wicker Wolf – Massacre

2 out of 5

The translation and/or writing is a lot better here, but Sidney Hammer’s second Amigo outing still feels very undercooked, half-hearted cheesecake with monsters.  It’s a pretty straight-forward bit that really just finds the loosest of reasons to get Hammer to fight some werewolves.  Massacre resists obnoxious cheekiness this time, and keeps the narrative moving ahead, save a sole flashback – though, again, it feels less like an attempt at clever writing and more like just a necessity, so that’s fine.  And an offhand mention of Sidney saying there’s a reason she’s dressed like she is shows… I dunno, something akin to acknowledgment of the story’s attempted tone that felt lacking in the first one-shot, but I don’t want to chalk up too much credit there.

Where I will offer some praise is toward the art.  Massacre’s style is like a less garish Kelley Jones, and though the anatomy is cartoonish and the perspective gets funky…  The book looks fun.  It looks more fun than it is, certainly.  The colors (by Danie Seijas) are particularly great, just the right balance of brights and dark’s and digital sheen.

So while the tone and humor are a lot more balanced than the previous outing, Sidney Hammer still comes across as something of an unearned genre exploit, like someone without much experience or comic / pulp history giving it a go based on a couple of examples.  The fake ads and tits and monsters are all sort of circling around a good idea, but it seems it might take a few more cracks at this to get closer to something worth more than a glance.