Rogues! vol. 3: The Burning Heart (#3) – El Torres

3 out of 5

I’m trying to be cognizant of the positive mindset I’d had upon reading the first two issues of this series – which were available in print, unlike the concluding third issue – as the conclusion left an otherwise sour taste in my mouth and makes me want to tank the rating.  I did reread the series together, and the experience follows: two fun, campy issues, followed by a botched ending.  And I’m not sure why the issue sours me so much, except that it doesn’t really key in on the exploitation vibe of what preceded, and instead just feels like a mess of violence, nudity, and swearing, not to mention an incredible mess of plot.  All of the antics of issues 1 and 2 I guess required an ante up for a conclusion, as Bram and Weasel face off against a fire-crazy, gem-powered god, but said ante-upping unfortunately runs into page limitations, leading into the combo of both clutter and plotting letdown, i.e. omg what are we gonna do oh wait the end.

Ryp’s art remains impressive, although maybe the number of visible veins on Bram starts to seem questionable, and certainly the story clutter leads to page clutter as well.

2 out of 3 good issues, but the conclusion is an unfortunate place to put your “bad” issue.