Rick and Morty: Inter Dimensional Cable III (#28) – Kyle Starks

1 out of 5

Oof.  Yeah… this doesn’t translate well.

I’m not sure if the ‘III’ of the title references two other instances of this in comic form, or that it follows the two animated versions, but regardless, it’s not working here.  The gist is that Rick hooks up the TV to catch stations from other dimensions; the Adult Swim episodes have been gloriously random Justin Roiland humor presented in full-on ADD channel-hopping mode.  In III, R and M are hiding out in a motel while the heat from some unseen adventure cools down, and Rick does his cable magic to pass the time.  Writer / artist Kyle Starks represents the channel switching by having a hand show up in the corner of the panel with a remote, which works well enough, and he definitely gets the Rick and Morty style of humor: some of the ‘channels’ are pretty good, and there’s this flat and weird bit about Christmas trees that you can imagine as being brilliantly weird on the show.  But the pacing is off off off.  You just can’t fit the same amount of content in a (less than – due to the back-up) 22-page comic you can in a 22 minute episode, making this a really uneven read, not to mention the cuts to R & M banter – and attempts at resolving that initial motel-hideout plot – feeling very amateurish in execution.  Like I really don’t get what Starks was aiming for with some of the panels, except to get us from panel A to panel C.

The back up, wherein Jerry and Rick essentially fight over the best Denzel Washington movie, is fine, but it’s not much added value to a very flat issue.  The one star isn’t so much saying that this is a bad issue in terms of, like, Starks, whose humor and sloppy style I dig, it’s just that this is such a fun concept from the show and it simply doesn’t work at all in the way it’s done here.