Resident Alien: An Alien in New York (#1 – 4) – Peter Hogan

5 out of 5

As the next Resident Alien arc is apparently the conclusion to this wonderful set of mini-series, I’m going to be mighty disappointed to not have the lowkey mystery-solving adventuring of Harry the Alien to look forward to.

The subtitle of this volume is about as apt as it gets: Harry goes to New York.  For reasons.  Reasons that are the primary plot fodder, so I shan’t ruin it here, but just as Hogan has managed to turn his elevator pitch into both light reading and an ongoing contemplation on life, satisfaction, morality, and identity, so it goes with these issues, as Harry starts to mull over uprooting his life in Patience due to possible exposure thanks to dern kids being able to see through his disguise.  None of this is ever forefront, mind you, but that’s what makes it so compelling: just as any one of us struggles with a multitude of decisions behind our day-to-day experiences, Harry hangs with his pals and does his local doctorly doings, while these thoughts and concepts burble in the background.

Steve Parkhouse is an old soul in comics, but I’ll be derned if he hasn’t grown while on this series.  He’s delivers his best art yet, here, slightly looser than usual, but in a way that gives it more naturalism.

A Resident Alien has never been a series of big twists and turns; it’s the book that earns its stripes by welcoming you in to its small world and set of characters and making you feel a part of its story.  An Alien in New York is another feather in Hogan and Parkhouse’s collective cap.