Outlier vol. 1 (pkgd. w/ JD Meg #392) – T.C. Eglington

1 out of 5

This was pretty dumb when I read what follows these preceding chapters in the weekly thrills, and it’s even dumber, now, having read how it started.  It’s as though Eglington and Richardson conspired to create a shitty 90s Image throwback comic – big barrel-chested dudes, skinny, big-boobed women, 100% attitude, and the most unconvincing world building tech talk ever – and sneak it into the current 2000 ad crop, snickering as their stink bomb pumped out stench for weeks and weeks amidst much better strips.

It’s dumber because the first few pages actually show some restraint and conceptual interest, with vision-enhanced detective Carcer investigating some grisly murders for a big tech company liaison that have left behind traces of the unseen Horde aliens race.  But any intention to hold back is barfed up by thr second or third entry, with our killer revealed, his boring backstory told, plenty of teeth grit, and then, later, an even more boring “twist” on top of the story.

Richardson is a good artist, in the same sense that Mcfarlane and those dudes are good artists, and Eglington doesn’t always write with a clenched fist pounding keys, but once they aimed themselves down a particular trajectory, there was no hope.  I guess credit for committing.

To be clear: I sense no irony in the execution here.

At least we also got the last chapter of Wagner’s Walk…