Outfoxed – Dylan Meconis

5 out of 5

It’s called ‘a fable’ on its cover, and that’s exactly what it is… though with a wonderfully twisted ‘moral’ at its end that rockets it well beyond stories that play in a similar tonally modernized version of the genre.  Outfoxed: in which a laundry-doer is walking home, work-to-do strapped to her back, when she’s interrupted by a fox.  Who talks!  Who wished for the ability to talk.  And while we’re smiling at Dylan Meconis’ flowing pitter-patter dialogue and buoyant art, the concept keeps iterating on itself as quick as can be, right up through the final pages,  While the font is maybe overly expressive at points, it also fits with the energetic nature of the tale and lively art style.

Printed in a well chosen duotone-d orange / black / white scheme.