Neonomicon (Hornbook) – Alan Moore

4 out of 5

A short, agreeably priced ‘hornbook’ – preview pages and script pages – for Neonomicon.

Two bucks; nine, sequential, fully arted / scripted pages; six script pages – which, in Alan’s lengthy descriptive style, are only four comic pages.  And yes, all of those are amongst the nine arted pages.

That’s a pretty good deal for a preview book, giving us an actual chunk of the story to read (instead of showing clips of different pages, which sucks), a front credit page with some Lovecraftian etchings in the background, and actual design (faded background, border) on the script pages.  Alan’s scripts to Jacen’s art are especially interesting for how exact they are – some pencillers fudge Alan’s descriptions, but Burrows does it 100% – and I think this is a unique cover…?  I might’ve missed one when sifting through the hundreds of Avatar covers…

Why only four stars?  Uh… it’s a preview book.  These should be free.  Otherwise, you’re just doing this for suckers like me who you know will buy it.