Negativeland – Michel Fiffe

3 out of 5

Side character given the time of day in a Patreon project, Negativeland is a glimpse into a moment in the lives of a super-powered family, suddenly finding themselves needing to leave town when robotman Lelo runs afoul of some bad dudes from the past.

The tiny lil’ tale rather falls apart at the end, almost humorously, but in artist / writer Michel Fiffe’s Patreon notes, he namechecks Mike Baron, and I can see a similar shoulder-shrug narrative approach there, though it also suggests a made-it-up-as-I-went-along vibe.  Neither of this is horrible, given that the whole thing is rather slight and airy: each character is given a couple of pages of identity, then a few pages to bring them together, and a few pages to let a conclusion happen.

Is it the one and only Michel Fiffe project to seek out?  Of course not.  But as supplemental material to his more complex Copra tales – and as an admitted exercise in trying out some things that wouldn’t have fit in that book – it’s an amusing and appreciated read.