Judge Dredd: The Lost Cases (pkgd. w/ JD Meg #399) – Alan Grant

3 out of 5

As it’s named, The Lost Cases picks up moments during or after otherwise notable events – The Robot Rebellion, Block Mania, etc. – and casts a one-shot light on them, all arted by different bots.  The floppy also includes a couple of other incidental tales that fit this mold.

Alan Grant does a bang-up job of catching us up on whichever event in one or two narration panels, and then we’re off on our adventure.  True enough, most of this would function as Dredd one-offs even without the framing – meaning it works if’n you don’t know of whichever storyline is being referenced – but there’s an extra nudge of fun if you are familiar, just from the jolt of familiarity.

Specific to the floppy, the lack of title cards and THE ENDs makes the transition between tales bumpy, and being as these are all isolated tales, they’re 100% designed to get-in and get-out and not upset any continuity, but it’s nonetheless a breezy, enjoyable read.