Hail to the King (pkgd. w/ JD Meg # 402) – Various

5 out of 5

While not essential reading, per se, this month’s floppy’s intention – to act as a tribute to the recently passed Carlos Ezquerra, specifically catering to his told-in-one contributions to the mag – is executed perfectly.  Editor Matt Smith even tossed in a bonus page that shows off some original artwork – never before printed – for his first Dredd contribution, which is pretty dang awesome.  You get some classic JD stuff, of course (ranging back to when the progs were in the triple digits) – including an annual with Ezquerra’s colors – a modern Dredd / Johnny Alpha team-up, and some TMO shorts that are pretty amusing.

Sure, these aren’t the most epic of Carlos’ works from his many years, but this was a great way to do a tribute in this format, and it’s an enjoyable read.