100% Biodegradable (#1 – 3) – David Hailwood

3 out of 5

An anthology series of mostly sci-fi related tales written mostly by David Hailwood. In general, I really like the pitch here: consistent characters in one-off strips per issue, broken up by shorter gag strips. In practice, the gag strips are fairly groan-worthy, and, at least, in the first couple of issues, Hailwood opts for twist or punchline endings that don’t engender a sense of world building encouraged by the genre and the repeated characters; everything happens in isolation and for the sake of the last panel. At the same time, 100% Biodegradable is, actually, pretty funny, and I don’t know that I’ve seen a mag exactly along these lines before, so there’s some novelty to that. However, in issue three, we see the introduction of some more serious stories, and I do think that ends up being to the book’s benefit.

Artwise, the gag strips are rather of webcomic quality – though those are purely for yuks, so that’s fine – but the longer strips do offer up some quality work, if rather stylized and a bit too digital on the color front. The stylization is, to me, often the mark of a less experienced artist, as the look isn’t always conducive to actually reading a comic book, and that’s still the case here. However, the overall quality of the material edges these issues above many of their indie peers also doing the anthology shtick, and if not for my huge backlog of books to read, I’d probably be continuing to check it out, to see if it continued/s to shape up along the way.