Time Troop (#1) – Dr. Herodotus

2 out of 5

Okay.  Kids books are weird.  I know it’s not important to explain the Whys in kids books, but sometimes some context is a good thing.  Like, you don’t have to explain Why the dog can talk, or even Why two children have a time portal and super powers, but maybe Why the bad guy is doing what he’s doing (even if it’s as simple as “to take over the world”) and why that thing is a bad thing would be valid questions to answer, however dismissively.  Just because its a kids book doesn’t excuse it from needing a basic story template, in other words.  But with its historical bent, Time Troop seems more intent on repeating some key facts about The Wright Brothers than actually wending those facts into a fun read.

Dr. Debunk has gone back in time to foil The Wright brothers’ first flight.  The Time Troop – two kids and a dog – travel back to stop him.

I tracked this down for the Ken Krekeler art, of which – assuming its the same Westward dude – there’s precious little, at least in this comicy / illustrated book format.

It bears his digital mark, but it’s almost creepily simplified for the genre.