Rhytz of Rocque: The Flyer Art of Reuben Storey – Reuben Storey

4 out of 5

The fifth collection of Storey’s flyer / poster artwork, put out on his Adult Fantasy label imprint, in a hand-constructed-y looking 40+ page stapled color-on-white paper book.

Reuben’s style has a nice underground comix vibe, mixed in with tributes (or ‘swipes,’ as he admits to in his notes) of classic film posters or rock flyers.  I’d say the most unique ones are the comic-themed offerings, especially when he has time to do full shading as on the cover, but even when it’s just pen and ink, it’s eye-catching for not being the norm.  When things look more like ‘traditional’ flyers, pairing the images with Storey’s commentary helps to illustrate that even something that may seem simple takes time and thought when someone’s hand-crafting it and not just stitching together computer images.  The collection is fun and worthwhile simply on those merits, but if you like the comics era (60s-80s) Reuben takes from, or the metal / rawk his favored bands tend to play, the general look of his work will earn appreciative smiles as well.

The setup of the book is odd, though, as images are presented in a seemingly random order (not chronological), but then the annotations / comments in the back are chronological… which means they reference pages out of sequence.  Matching the order (or putting the notes on the page, though sacrificing a whole page image as a result) might’ve been better.