Pro Physique: An Intro to Flexible Dieting – Stephen Beaugrand and Karina Noboa

3 out of 5

Not entirely useful in terms of specifics, An Intro to Flexible Dieting is a free e-book that, essentially, promotes nutritional awareness, allowing one to make tweaks – to allow flexibility – to live a normal(-ish) life while dieting.  The tone struck by the text is appreciably reigned in, not going all “rah rah eat what you want” and providing enough scientific basis and buzzwords to make its review of macro- and micro-nutrients sound.  The intended audience is a little questionable, as this is very basic stuff, and yet it mentions things in passing like contest prep; as I doubt many competitors need this type of beginner’s review, it sometimes seems like such mentions are just to add a sense of legitimacy.  But to be fair, everyone can do with a review now and then (I mean, I read it, despite realizing after a paragraph or so that no “answers” lain within), and there are some gym-geared specifics (listing out common stims) that are nice, as well as mini-sections on how ‘flexible dieting’ might cover occasional alcohol consumption or eating out.

It’s free, it’s sound info.  Also because it’s free means you get your fair share of typos and editing flubs (lots of repeated text), but the overall presentation is better than average for these kinds of things.