Psi-Judge Anderson: The Candidate (pkgd. w/ JD Meg #410) – Various

3 out of 5

A collection of recent Anderson strips, including the multi-part titular one (which may have introduced pre-cog Judge Flowers…?) written by Emma Beeby and split art from Nick Dyer and Ben Willsher.

The Candidate is okay, perhaps more notable for Dyer’s harsh take on Anderson, than the story, which has Beeby’s habit of over-complicated plotting.  The core concept is good, though, as is the core ‘twist’ – this happens to also be true of Emma, reliable for solid story beats – it just jumps a bit fitfully through Psi abilities in order to give us some further story wrinkles.

Two one-shots from Alan Grant – a rather tepid Judge Death dream, but with amazing art from David Roach; and nice painted artwork a a good VR riff with Horror Comes to Velma Dinkley.

The collection closes out with the recent Spa Day from Maura McHugh and Emma Vieceli, showing us McHugh’s solid take on a snarky Anderson – returning in the Meg with which this reprint was bundled – and a rewarding-for-readers story that gives us nods to former Anderson storylines in another mind-space battle.

Recent readers likely will have all of these progs, as they’re from 2016, at the earliest, but as usual with the floppies, it’s nice to have things to read altogether, and recontextualized.