Platinum End vol. 12 – Tsugumi Ohba

4 out of 5

An exploration of Yoneda’s past and personality – definitely the purely logic-driven character we needed to bring some of this series’ potential to the fore – and the beginning of the (possibly, maybe) “final” god candidate conversation, to decide on who gets the crown.

Ohba’s slow twist and turn of Mirai’s philosophies throughout this has, ultimately, been interesting, and is very much paying off at this point, again suggesting that the simplistic, overdramatic buildup may have been a purposeful juxtaposition.

As this is almost 100% character work and back-and-forth dialogue at this point, we’re very much in our creators’ wheelhouses, and the book looks great and is a page-turning read. Ohba seems to be letting some of his thoughts filter more to the surface via these characters – as they did in Death Note as well – though a snipe about disliking certain sexual preferences versus discriminating against them comes across as a bit forced, and a bit short-sighted. To be fair, the same could be said of some of the political concepts espoused, and so I may be suffering from judging something that I’m not sure I agree versus something that seems more in line with my thoughts, but nonetheless, this aside rankled me a bit. That, plus the rather underwhelming end – the chapter just sort of ends mid-conversation – is where this volume takes a hit, but I’m no less hooked than I was by the last few awesome tankobons.