People Like Us – Free Sunshine

4 out of 5

Label: Heaven’s Lathe

Produced by: Vicki Bennett (?)

Two appreciably woozy tracks from PLU, excerpts from live performances. But don’t let that dissuade – these are not drop-in / drop-out cuts; they definitely come across as full tracks, and complement each other well, despite being from separate years: both the A-side (Free Money) and B-side (Eve of Sunshine) take from recognizable songs or melodies, and stick to a fairly straightforward, 60s pop groove; these are the pleasant side of PLU.

Free Money features a whole bunch of samples and vocals woven across a gentle bass and piano line; Eve of Sunshine on Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction, adding layers of noise on top and deconstructing the beat, but never without quite getting away from the track’s melody.

These are both fairly short songs, which is the only criticism: when Vicki isn’t operating in a flashier version of cut-and-paste, the PLU effect can be more subtle, and the production on these tracks is rather muted, making all the work kind of blend together; that is: these are great additions to a growing PLU library, and definitely good enough songs to get the 7″ out for a spin, but also not the first things I’d pick as singles – I’d listen to them in sequence with other things. They are thus complements to material, and maybe a tad underwhelming on their own.