occupant by Chupacabra – Doug TenNapel

5 out of 5

A pack-in with TenNapel’s Bigfoot Bill #2, this mini-comic (like SUPER mini – 2.5″ x 2″) is “by” one of the members of the Crypto Zone from the comic, the Chupacabra, and contains 30 or so small portraits of many of the cryptids, with a single sentence “psychological profile.” Even if you haven’t read Bigfoot Bill, the combination of the descriptions + picture often elicit a laugh, and this is really Doug boiled down to what he does best: capturing the core of his creations in their presentations – being able to look at just a headshot and get a sense of their personalities. So it’s a great little slice of the artist’s abilities, and then an amusing bit of in-world lore to add to Bill, as well as being just a fun artifact in its own right.