No. 2 – Allistair Chestnut

5 out of 5

Label: Wicked Witch

Produced by: Joanna Bolme (recorded by)

Let’s consolidate all that’s great about No. 2 down to two tracks: Neil Gust’s soft but emotive vocals; his open narratives told via snarky-smart observations; and the catchiest, nigh-punk riffs that blend Beatles pop with a bit of Pavement-indie jangle.

Now let’s actually make a 7″ of all that greatness, with the A-side title track the loud rocking side of the things, and the B-side a strummy, more contemplative affair. Recorded by Joanna Bolme to boot, giving it an excellent bit of urgency and snap, letting Gust’s vocals float just behind the crunch of the instruments.

…And now you should probably be buying and listening to Allistair Chestnut, in regular rotation with your prized No. 2 discography.