Mr. Dibbs – Deadworld Reborn

2 out of 5

Label: Rhymesayers

Produced by: Mr. Dibbs, Ryan Rockwell

Made as a tribute to a passed friend, Mr. Dibbs’ eclectic music choices for mixing and skills at blending those disparate styles – there are hip-hop samples, metal, country – are, as ever, on display on Deadworld Reborn, but unfortunately, I’m not sure if the emotional guidelines used for the set make for the best listening experience. We have two long, side-filling mixes – a ‘Dead Side’ and a ‘World Side’ – and while each starts out impressively, the former tails off into less beat-based fare and more samples, with gaps between the changes on occasion, and the latter leads to a range of tracks that all sound very similar in pacing and tone, making each quite dragging or repetitive at 20 minutes. This is not to say they’re not uninteresting, or without head-bobbing moments; as mentioned. both start out very strongly, hitting a sequence of fascinating Dibbs’-touched tracks that stitch together well, and I like the general theme-ing, with ‘Dead’ being much darker and moody versus World’s upbeat, party sensibility. And just from an artistic perspective, ‘Dead’ almost gets into light People Like Us territory with its pure sampling mash-ups at one point, but that’s where expectations get one into trouble: I’m kinda sorta expecting Dibbs to deliver a baseline groove, and this song often veers away from that.

Which leads to a note about the levels, in general: the beat is very underplayed in the mix. I take this as an overall aspect of the release’s “mood,” but unfortunately, see above about expectations.

Some 1-2 minute interstitial tracks are worthwhile, but obviously short, and the closing song with Skandal Da Ruckus Man provides some appreciated linearity after much wandering.

More of a personal project, Deadworld Reborn is interesting from a technical perspective, but doesn’t offer much relistenability outside of some flashes of Turntable Hardcore-esque mixing.