MPD Psycho vol. 9 – Eiji Otsuka

4 out of 5

Thinking back, it’s pretty amusing to me how MPD Psycho has pretty much shifted everything in terms of its featured characters, and our perception of them, and the series’ “focus”, since its first volumes… while also remaining absolutely about the same thing. It’s always been about the ‘why’ of the multiple personalities, and the business they get up to, and it’s always kinda sorta been about Amamiya, but nine volumes in, we can nearly never actually see Amamiya, and sit with characters who’re calmly discussing the MPDs like they’re everyday things, and yet – yeah, this is still the same book, for sure. Still the same dark and goofy humor; the purposeful mixing of blase attitudes with shocking violence. While I can’t rightly say what the exact point of Gakuso’s manipulations are, getting a bit more info on rival Onighigata’s political machinations underlines the ironies that are often perpetuated in this book and Kurosagi Corpse: it’s all about power, baby.

Any idea what I’m talking about? Me neither. Volume 9 is very much focused on Tetora Nishizono: what he’s up to; who he’s working for. People are still vying for the Lucy Monostone complete identity, and Sasayama gets to be an amusingly bumbling point of view in the midst of things, while Machi operates more coldly, more clinically, peering in from the outside.

There are still beats where it’s hard to tell how much we’re supposed to understand by now, versus how much is purposefully confusing, but MPD remains a compelling and addictive read.