MPD-Psycho vol. 7 – Eiji Otsuka

4 out of 5

With (seemingly) the main gist of the multiple personality mechanism, and its main players, revealed, Eiji Otsuka can just sort of lean in to the pulpy cheekiness of the whole thing, with psychic showdowns and smirking villains and bleeding eyeballs. We’re right on the tail of “Amamiya’s” reappearance at the end of volume 6, and these chapters all form one concise, extended take on the several plotlines converging – the airplane with Miwa and Amamiya / Shinji; the Gakuso boat with Machi – with some backfill on the motivations behind this whole project, which frankly fall a little flat, as they sort of just amount to “we’re doing crazy shit to see if we can.” I guess it could be said that that matches the randomness of the initial killings that kicked things off, though, and that’s where this collection veers back around to leveraging that into a strength, as events intensify and get bloodier and more Lucy Monostone-d, which deposits the series back in the “weird and disturbing” category. But whatever your take on what’s going on, it’s pretty miraculous how Otsuka has beaten the complexities into something surprisingly comprehensive, working lockstep with Tajima so each character and setting feels identifiable.