MPD Psycho vol. 3 – Eiji Otsuka

4 out of 5

Eiji Otsuka introduces some interesting new characters – public police security chief Kitou and minister of justice Onihigata – somewhat immediately shifting our story into something broader than just a series of quirky, garish murder mysteries. Volume 3, in general, has this on the agenda, layering in juicy details regarding the Gakuso organization and journalist Toguchi, while also allowing Amamiya to show glimmers of personality – certainly a necessity if we’re going to continue being invested in his multiple-personalitied plight – and deepening the interrelationship of / with his various personas intriguingly. Meanwhile, the foreground of all of this is a chase for another crazy killer, Umemiya, which leads to an impressively over-the-top – and also kind of silly Hollywood-esque – action sequence. Though this – both the big action and slew of characters – has all required Sho-u Tajima to up their illustration game madly, leagues beyond the somewhat stiffer panels in the first volume, there’s still the discrepancy between those larger moments and the comparatively quieter ones, like once the explosions have happened, the next chapter starts and there’s no paperwork or no concerns about collateral damage.