MPD-Psycho No. 2 – Eiji Otsuka

4 out of 5

More cases for multiple personality detective Amamiya, while working for Machi Isono’s private detectivin’ firm.

Volume 2 of MPD sets up something of a ringleader for the various crimes we’ve been seeing – a blonde-haired oddball, seemingly aware of Amamiya’s personalities and absolutely loving twisting different types into committing horrific murders which our leads investigate. New personalities are triggered, and Lucy Monostone weirdness plays in the background. The eyeball bit sort of seeps in to the background as this organizer comes to the fore, and, as with volume 1, it can be a bit difficult keeping track of all the different personalities, but Otsuka uses the crimes to keep the narrative focused, and Shou-u Tajima’s use of body language makes it easy to discern changes. The crime that takes up the book’s latter half feels a bit disheveled – the motivations, even as just a bit of chaos, aren’t very clear – but it’s used as a narrative device to fill in / add more mysteries regarding Amamiya, and that aspect of it is gripping, and frightening, as all the twists and turns of how these personalities combine, perhaps as led by Shinji Nishizono, are painting the picture of a very conflicted human being, as opposed to the MPD device just being a shtick.