MorgoM – The Beauty EP

Label: MorgoM Label

Produced by: “Frodoric MorgoM”

Two fun ragga electro tracks, with appealingly raw, loose production – heck, maybe it’s poor production, but it works, so we’ll call it raw – and a great sense of timing.

The A-side of this single by “MorgoM” (Weme co-founder Frederic Mergam), Norbail, edges out the B-side by way of being a bit more clubby. landing on a dank beat right from the get-go and then edging it along with paced flourishes for a perfect 3-minutes, cutting out right when the concept would lose some steam. This allows for maximizing the memorability, though – it’s all a hit, no need to bridge back to a core beat or anything.

Over on the B-side, “2001-1002 -splif” only loses a step by being a bit more laid-back; 7″s are tough, because a track like this generally needs a third to balance it out, but on its own, its quality, chill dub. It’s a little bit slower and so maybe also less identifiable – like, Norbail definitely wants to make you ask who’s playing, whereas 2001-1002 undoubtedly gets you bobbing your head, but isn’t as immediate – you can wait for the next song.

Listening to the tracks in reverse then might be ideal: you get the hook and gist with 2001-1002, impressed by that rawness and sense of rhythm, and can then have your booty-shaken by Norbail on A.