Lobster Johnson: The Prayer of Neferu (LJ #11) – Mike Mignola, John Arcudi

3 out of 5

After two riveting five parters, Arcudi gives us a pretty straight-forward, Indiana Jones-y pulp tale in which LoJo takes bullet-filled revenge on some gangsters who’ve stolen a mummy from a museum’s display.  The reasons behind this should be all sorts of gangbusters – something something revive ancient spirits for their power – and I think they are, but while artist Wilfredo Torres’ simple and strong linework works really well for the dialogue, it is not up to the task of the action.  What was possibly some really compelling supernatural scufflings on page doesn’t translate very well.  We still get some exciting shots here and there – mostly transitions between the action – and the narration compresses really well down to one-issue, rather an ideal in-and-out story, but I’d note that I don’t think we ended up seeing much of Torres in the Mignolaverse again.