Lobster Johnson: Garden of Bones – John Arcudi, Mike Mignola

4 out of 5

Zombies.  Lobster Johnson.  A cover of LoJo chopping up zombies.  This comic is pretty much guaranteed to be good.

Arcudi takes us on a short adventure in a cemetery, as LoJo and Harry track down – after a funly compressed flashback – a potential zombo.  Johnson has guns drawn; Harry remains skeptical, even after bullets are blazing and the target-in-question appears.  The duo does further digging to figure out what’s what, and more fists and bullets occur.

This is a classic, fast-paced one-shot, stuffed with an impressive array of characters and some fun, slapsticky action from artist Stephen Green.  His work gets maybe a little too exuberant as the zombies pile on, though, losing clarity to fluidity, and Arcudi somewhat lets things run in a circle the last few pages before ending on a wonderfully grim Lobster note.

Simple pleasures.