Lobster Johnson: Caput Mortuum (LJ #12) – John Arcudi, Mike Mignola

4 out of 5

Right, you think you can stop The Lobster by telling him it’s dangerous to shoot his gun inside a Zeppelin?  You think he’ll hesitate to jump out of a window after you, despite not having a parachute?  Look forward to having a claw burned into your head.

Some evil fellas are on said airship, discussing their plans to drop a stinky gas bomb on the citizens below.  LoJo kicks all of their asses, spectacularly.

Arcudi does an oddly timed exposition dump to back-splain the story, causing a momentum hiccup in the story’s latter half.  But Tonci Zonjic’s gloriously exciting artwork – colorist Dave Stewart masterfully choosing pop colors against the gloomy blue and brown rainy sky background – perks up everything in the moments before and after, for a grand ol’ skybound adventure.  There are some scenes where you wish and plead for a movie to capture the same level of intensity, only to realize that the timing employed by comic artists – moving us from motion to motion, panel to panel – just can’t be replicated on screen in the same fashion.  This is meant to be on the page, and you’re dang meant to read it.