B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: Gods (#1 – 3, B.P.R.D. # 74 – 76) – John Arcudi, Mike Mignola

3 out of 5

Very, very inbetween-y, sort of a precursor to the ongoing format B.P.R.D. would kick over to eventually.

Abe and Devon bicker, and though we get to snicker at some verbal smackdowns lain down by Abe, Dev admittedly tries to take the high road at points.  There’s some nice background noise with Kate’s boyfriend and Panya’s creatures, but the main point of the arc is two-fold: to introduce ‘I can sense monsters’ Fenix, and to info-dump on us where the new creatures are coming from.

While Guy Davis does a good job of establishing the nowhere’s-safe version of the world, Arcudi’s script is oddly structured to bring the B.P.R.D. and Fenix together, and the exposition on the monster origins is pretty lazy.  The character work and spots of action balance things out, but it’s still pretty clear that we’re stuck in the middle of bigger arcs.