Mephiskapheles – 1010011010 / Never Born Again

3 out of 5

Label: Jump Up! Records

Produced by: Mephiskapheles

Quite a deal – $10 (currently, priced new from Jump Up!) for a cassette collecting two good / great EPs from Mephiskapheles: 1010011010 (aka self-titled) on one side, Never Born Again on the other. This is housed in a solid white cassette body, with the cover artwork from both albums on either side of the J-card, although you can’t reverse it – the front is self-titled. Just a slight rating ding on that, because that would’ve been a cool feature, maybe “solved” for by repeating the track listing / spine on the inside of J-card, just varying the cover.

A further ding because one of the demo tracks skips on my copy, and the other demo track abruptly cuts off at the end, neither of these blips on the vinyl, so… yeah. Not a great look. Potentially only my copy, of course, and at least this only affects the demos and not the whole thing, but affects my consideration of the “value” of this purchase all the same.