Meggablockx ‎– Blockx

5 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: ?

Is it possible for about 20-or-so minutes of music to be epic? Uh, ‘yeah,’ says mysterious Miami-based artist Meggablockx, and here’s six slick cuts to prove it.

There’s a pleasing simplicity in presentation here that might throw off my ‘epic’ claim – the palm tree artwork; the ‘Braindance Simple Well Thought Out’ description on the label; tracks with names like ‘A.D.D.’ – but I see it more as truth in advertising from the lovely WeMe label, and Meggablockx knowing what works. That A.D.D. track, for example, is a fittingly blistering assault of IDM percussion, but it’s tempered by smart breaks throughout, so that it’s not just impressive in terms of BPM, but totally rocks as a track you can listen to on repeat. This is nonetheless smartly backed up by some ambient work on the short ‘Sleep,’ before we return to glitchy theatrics on ‘I Know.’

Flip over to the B-side and Megga switches to something a bit more refined and electro, with deliciously organic sounding, old school production. Mid-track ‘Cosmo’ is a delight of cool and hazy synths, and a grooving backbeat; closer OIL is rather masterfully subtle, working as something of a conclusion to the 12″ – woozy, a bit mysterious – or, if you’re so inclined (and you should be), as an introduction to the fast breaks and beats back on the A-side.

A handful of the best moments of 90s and 80s electro, but stripped of the usual identifying squiggles that can serve as reminders of past classics; Meggablockx instead makes their own cues, and drops 6 individually and collectively epic jams that wouldn’t feel out of place alongside such previous-decade classics, but also kill as modern takes as well.