Megatraveller – Vs Endboss

2 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: the Megatraveller

I appreciate some music as interesting, if not inherently listenable. But then it begs me to question: what am I gaining from listening to this? What’s the intention behind it?

And perhaps given some of that latter context for Megatraveller’s Vs Endboss, I’d have more patience with it. It is undeniably interesting – italicized again – probably purposefully produced on cassette to make its half-baked effects and demo-esque loops come across as lost relics, tape hiss in tow, but that only extends so far. Scatterings of clipped beats have familiar synth layers / effects dribbled about randomly, and / or repeated at length. Sometimes this comes across in 2-minute thoughts; sometimes it stretches out to 5, 6, 9 minutes… the longer runs definitely encouraging Megatraveller to commit more to some IDM breakdowns and beats.

To be clearer: it’s not, at all, that this is without its charms. The title (and song titles) suggest a video game theme, and that’s not really here except in flashes (and, I guess, the repetition), but the album does “formalize” at points, such as once we get past the shorter, up-front ditties for several extended tracks, and then again towards the conclusion, where ‘Landscapes’ and on starts to feel like a proper release, at points reminiscent of the club workouts put out under this artist’s other name – Acid Quiff – and not something that Central Processing Unit maybe should have considered for their more experimental Computer Club label.

However, even in those cases, nothing here quite stands out as original, instead opting for a melting pit of sounds you’ve heard before. The overall experience is – again – interesting, but that isn’t enough to hold my attention except fleetingly, and especially not for repeated listens.