LYNXX – The Home of the Headhunter (

3 out of 5

Label: self-released

Produced by: Christian Kriegeskotte

Some very interesting and pleasing aural soundscapes / soundtracking, but somewhat at its best when it “sounds like” your favorite retro movie score.

In soundtracking Michael Koehler’s same named Home of the Headhunter artbook, Christian Kriegeskotte strung together a mix of synths, ambience, and found sounds, which definitely do the selected images some creepy, moody justice. But with about 12 minutes of music per side of this cassette, the four sections contained in each composition don’t necessarily have the room to breathe for this kind of stuff, which is where the recognizability quotient – when an 80s Halloween beat comes in – perhaps distracts, as your brain latches on to that more immediately. This is a moderate disservice to a collection of very interesting sounds (some chanting on the B-side is blended in especially well), but again, such ambience I think needs more room to breathe, and by the time we’ve been hooked into and immersed in a section, we transition to the next.

However, I’d note that Kriegeskotte also doesn’t rush the mood, including those bits with grooving retro beats, which is appreciated: we arrived at atmosphere very organically. So in that sense, this works quite excellently as background vibe-accompaniment to your read. On its own, it’s not very dense, but is certainly a good hook to get you exploring more of Christian’s works.