The Dynospectrum – The Dynospectrum (20 Year Anniversary Remaster)

5 out of 5

Label: Rhymesayers

Produced by: ANT

Original review here.

The remaster sounds great.  That’s probably one of the most important things.  ANT’s beats are deep; the samples crackly and crisp; each vocalist comes across clear and with their full range.  Given that the price for this (currently, 2020) is right for this – a 3xLP which includes the instrumentals – that makes it a worthwhile purchase, assuming you like the original.

But then there are some extras!  Bonus tracks – really good ones – and those aforementioned instrumentals, which I might like more than the album.  One of my criticisms of the listening experience is that there’s a right EP worth of jams when it feels like the group is syncing together, and then it just sort of goes off (for an hour or so more…) with some good singles and a lot of variations of using ‘dynospectrum’ as a catch-all adjective.  The MCs are impressive as heck, and ANT lays down some killer beats, but it’s not very thematic; it’s very random, just a lot of good rhymes and head-bobbing that works amazingly in isolation but runs together when played as an album.

Musically, the crew’s styles seemed to encourage ANT to explore some dankier style than his usual smooth, long-players, and while some tracks still have his habit of just finding something catchy and standing back and letting it loop, a lot of this is very tight, very grabbing, very dark and grooving stuff.  I get tired listening to the original on repeat; I don’t get that when listening to the instrumentals.  (And yes, you get the instrumentals of the bonuses as well.)

Some cool, art-style appropriate black-and-white swirled vinyl seal the deal.