Tedd Prudhomme – The Place

3 out of 5

Label: Supermegacorporation

Produced by: Tedd Prudhomme?

The acoustic sing-songs on Tedd Prudhomme’s The Place are all rather reminiscent of others: Simon Joyner’s downbeat troubadour; Marmoset’s silly sloppiness…  The occasional appearance of horns or a slide may put one in mind of older references as well, but the uniting theme is that not much of The Place ends up sounding too original.  Which isn’t to say it isn’t a pleasant or worthwhile listen, just a rather unaffecting one.  Tedd’s lyrics occasionally hit on the kind of direct dourness that makes him a good fit for his Fuck-y supermegacorporation labelmates, but more often, the rhymes are predictable to the extent that they feel like first drafts.  When all of this is stripped down to just Tedd and a guitar or keys, it’s pretty ephemeral.  But when he gets the backing of some well produced production, little dashes of keys, we come close to breaking free of the soundalike curse: Boredom & Pain; Movie Movie… there are definitely a few tracks sprinkled along the way that have a lot of promise, but on the whole, The Place will likely be a fleeting experience on your way to stronger presentations of this genre.