Starlight Mints ‎– Popsickle

4 out of 5

Label: See Thru Broadcasting

Produced by: D. Sardy

Two fun non-album tracks – one poppy, one rocker  – that work well on their own, but were probably best left off the original album.  ‘Popsicle,’ the poppy entrance, is silly and goofy, with Vest running out of nonsense rhymes to make after a verse or so.  It’s as immediately as enjoyable as any Dream That Stuff Was Made Of track, just a notch or two below on lushness and inventiveness, relegating it to a B-side.  Similarly, Pusher Girls, taking a moodier, rockier path, sounds like a warmup for similarly themed Starlight tunes.

These criticisms are solely in comparison to the fantastic work on the ‘Mints debut, though.  As a standalone listen, these are great songs; instantly catchy and memorable with the deep, grooving production of Dave Sardy.  And if this was your first Starlight Mints experience, it’s in no way misleading of their other offerings, rather, it’s a perfect intro to a nice run of great and unique albums.

The CD version of this single also includes the goofy Popsicle video.