Silicon Scally – Projections

4 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Carl Finlow

Just as a reminder: I know next to nothing about nothing.  Case in point: Carl Finlow, apparently a known quantity in the electronic scene with a boatload of releases to his name (and a wide range of the names he’s recorded under, as well) is new to me, gifted to my earholes by the lovable chaps at Central Processing Unit.  I get the release – trusting CPU – and marvel at what I assume to be a new talent, his four track EP slipsliding through warm garage / house styles with a precision-dash of dense, crafty beats.  The cuts here – all given ample 5-6 minute times to explore their respective rhythms – all apply an appealingly light-footed sense of mystery in their tone, as Finlow waits ever so patiently over lovely layered bleeps to drop his beat, quietly fading out the backdoor while a song’s pulse fades away, finding life again when the next track resurrects it…

The opening title track and the lead-in of the other side (Thermal Image) opt for more chill arrangements, and lag a step or so behind their relative followup tracks – Rift and Override – but only because those latter examples are so grabbing, upping the aggression without sacrificing the spry playfulness of the whole affair.  But overall, the EP kills it with this altenating sequencing.

And now I at guess I know a little more than next to nothing.