Scissorfight – Piscataqua

4 out of 5

Label: Tortuga

Produced by: (Scissorfight?)

Obviously Scissorfight (version 1.0) rocks damn hard.  We know this.  But then you get to their EPs, and somehow, they manage to rock even harder.  Excepting the amped up American Cloven Hoof Blues, which – maybe coincidentally – included some EP tracks, the intensity is a bit more spread out on album.  And this works out well, because forty minutes of the kind of heavy Piscataqua offers would probably kill someone.  Even at six tracks, it’s a lovely earful – an arresting, aggressive, belch- and fart-fueled earful – and it shocks you out of the reverie of how the long players maybe kinda are sorta catchy enough for reg’lar folk to dig?  But play them Outmotherfucker the Man – Piscataqua’s opener – and you’ll soon find which’re fans.  (They’re the ones not running for the hills.)

This is some massively rocking material, made all the better or worse, depending on if you like the tracks they decided to cover for five out of the seven songs.  Dwarves; GG Allin; classic Aerosmith; you get it: a stew of rock and sludge, erring on the crass side of things.  And I guess that latter point is where I get a little worn on the disc, as all of those covers are literally about sexin’ to some degree, and the group hoots and hollers inbetween because it’s a gas, sure, but it’s also maybe a little bit too fulfilling of the bearded, over-manly image the group half portrays and half pokes fun at.

Does that alter the rock-meter stuck past 11 for the entire ride?  Heck no.  And repetitive subject matter aside, the group does aces impersonations of the covered acts, while also somehow still sounding 100% like Scissorfight, making their performance chops and skills wholly apparent.  Also: check that solo on one of the originals, Shewolf.  When the shit has the ‘Fight ever rocked this hard?